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Illinois State University is offering Online, graduate-level chemistry courses for high school chemistry teachers using the Flinn Scientific Teaching Chemistry eLearning Video Series as a major component of the course work and student interaction. These graduate-level courses are designed exclusively for chemistry teachers to advance your professional goals and improve your pedagogical skills.

Invest in yourself! You will sharpen existing skills and develop new teaching techniques to increase your motivation and success. Here are six proven reasons you will benefit from taking these courses:

  • Earn graduate credit and enhance your professional development, career, and salary advancement goals.
  • Connect content knowledge to modern demonstrations and teaching activities. Courses provide a wealth of chemical demonstrations, learning activities, teaching strategies, and classroom management instruction. Flinn Scientific ChemFax! instructions are provided for every lab activity and demonstration, all correlated to the national science standards and reviewed within the context of the Atlas of Scientific Literacy!
  • Learn from the best high school chemistry teachers in North America. The award-winning master teachers in the Flinn Scientific Teaching Chemistry eLearning Video Series have over 550 years of chemistry teaching experience. Their knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of chemistry will provide an exciting and inspirational learning experience. You will observe, analyze and reflect upon best practices that you can immediately incorporate into your classroom.
  • Inspire your students! Learn a variety of effective, student-centered lab activities to motivate and inspire your students. The activities come to life as the presenters share the inspiration, stories and examples that make even the most difficult concepts relevant to students and help them build connections among the sciences.
  • Set your own learning schedule. Your online classroom is open 24/7, giving you the freedom to balance graduate study with your personal, work and family schedule.
  • Save money! Earn graduate credit in chemistry from home without spending money on travel, lodging, food, and out-of-state tuition.

Illinois State University is the largest producer of teachers in the United States and consistently ranks nationally in the top 25 of all chemistry programs regarding the number of BS graduates certified by the American Chemical Society. The Chemistry Teacher Education Program at Illinois State University has more required chemistry education courses than any other educational institution in the United States and also ranks among the nation's largest producers of master's degrees in chemistry.