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How do I Enroll?

These graduate level courses will influence how you teach chemistry for years to come.

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Step-by-step process to enroll in a class at Illinois State University

If you are a first time student enrolling at Illinois State University, here are the steps you must follow. Total admission and course registration process takes about 2-3 days to complete.

Step 1: Create a Welcome2ISU account (5 minutes).

Step 2: Complete a Graduate Application and be accepted as a student-at-large (20 minutes for the application, up to 48 hours for the approval).

Step 3: Activate ULID, obtain UID (5 minutes).

Step 4: Complete the Course Registration Form (10 minutes).

Links and instructions for how to do all of the steps mentioned above can be found at:

Specific Questions?

Contact :    Sara McCubbins
                    Chemistry Teacher Education Advisor
                    Illinois State University
                    Department of Chemistry
                    Campus Box 5960
                    210 W. Mulberry St.
                    Normal, IL 61790-5960