Bob Becker

Robert Becker teaches chemistry and AP chemistry at Kirkwood High School in Kirkwood, MO. Bob received his B.A. from Yale University and M.Ed. from Washington University and has 24 years of teaching experience. He participated in the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation and was a team leader for the Flinn Scientific Foundation Summer Workshop Program. Bob contributes a regular monthly feature, “Question from the Classroom,” for ChemMatters, and he has published numerous articles in the Journal of Chemical Education and Chem13 News. A widely respected demonstrator, Bob is the author of two chemical demonstration books, Twenty Demonstrations Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off, Volumes I and II, published by Flinn Scientific. Bob has received the James Bryant Conant Award in High School Teaching from the American Chemical Society, the Regional Catalyst Award from the Chemical Manufacturers Association, and the Tandy Technology Scholar Award for Outstanding Teachers. He has been honored as the Reg Friesen Memorial Lecturer at CHEMED, and has twice presented the Flinn Scientific Evening of Chemistry at the National Science Teachers Association conference.