Sample Episodes from The Flinn Teaching Chemistry eLearning Video Series

Five episodes are available for your viewing and evaluation. See for yourself how our award-winning presenters share their best chemistry demonstrations and lab activities while imparting enormous amounts of chemistry knowledge, lab hints, teaching tips and instructional techniques.

Opening Day Demonstrations

Title: The Exciting Nature of Chemistry

Episode: Red, White and Blue

Presented by Jeff Bracken Time: 6:57

Properties of Gases

Title: Properties of Ammonia

Episode: Solubility of Ammonia

Presented by Penney Sconzo Time: 18:11

Acids and Bases

Title: Buffers

Episode: Buffering of Lakes

Presented by Kathleen Dombrink Time: 12:23

Chemical Reactions

Title: Single Replacement Reactions

Episode: The Floating Tin Sponge

Presented by Jamie Benigna Time: 17:20

Solids and Liquids

Title: Phase Changes and Phase Diagrams

Episode: Cooling Gases

Presented by Bob Becker Time: 19:57