What Our Studio Audience Had to Say...

Incredible. Amazing!

I just loved the demonstrations! I can use every one of them in my curriculum.

I really liked seeing the activity and then hearing the explanation. The instructors explained the concepts really well. I learned a lot about demonstrations that I have been doing for years.

Simple, practical ideas that I can use right away.

Great demonstrations that are realistic for my classroom.

I especially enjoyed the discussion of where to use the activities in our curriculum and how misconceptions are developed.

I enjoyed the new ideas that were shared and how to incorporate them into my classroom. I appreciated hearing how to get kids more involved…

Seeing new demonstrations and experiments and hearing how other teachers use them in their classroom.

Being able to do many new activities that use readily available supplies I already have. You are not going to bust my budget. Thanks!

All of the activities were interesting. The explanations were very well done. I especially enjoyed hearing how to increase the critical thinking of students on a practical level.

Hearing experienced teachers share their stories. What great advice. What a great learning experience!

I learned a lot of new tricks and saw stuff that I have not seen before. I was very impressed.

What a valuable learning experience! Everything was terrific.

Getting new ideas for teaching and seeing the demonstrations and activities. Great explanations.

Seeing the innovative approaches to traditional labs. I loved seeing the camera close-ups. I felt like I was “in the test tube.”

Great sharing of knowledge from some VERY experienced teachers. Very professional.

Teaching hints from the presenters. Very valuable.

I am so recharged. Wow! I can’t wait to get back to school. What a great experience.

I really enjoyed seeing new demonstrations and new ways to use “old ones.”

Teacher expertise and lesson connections – the hows, whens and whys.

Activities that are simple to prepare but teach important chemistry concepts.

Really enjoyed seeing the different teaching styles.

Everything was explained in great detail. The applications of using each demonstration were great and very informative. I loved it all.

I wished my colleagues were here with me! Watching the presentations and learning new information to take to the classroom both in terms of content and teaching tools.

What I really enjoyed was the vast variety of activities and the detailed explanations that went along with each one.

Most importantly, the application to specific concepts and delivery of the information, “teacher secrets” and the add-ins you can’t easily find.

You have provided many new ideas that I can use in my classroom.

Hearing the way each presenter explains how they use the lab/demos in different units. I like hearing the explanations of each activity!

It was important for me to hear the why, when and how of using a demonstration.

The presenters have such immense experience. I liked hearing about how the labs evolved to handle different levels of students.

Great activities for safe, easy-to-set-up demos and lab activities.

The scientific explanation that went with each demonstration or lab. It was great to see activities that I had never seen before. I can’t wait to get back to school and try a few of them out.

I hate doing demonstrations I have never seen before. You have given me a new confidence.